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The traditional way we view Graffiti is a way for youth to destroy property: by writing, drawing, scribbling, scratching, or painting illicitly on a wall or some random surface, often in a public place.  Yes, there are crooks... there are crooks in any profession but if you look one layer deep, graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings and they have existed since ancient times.   Our team here at Totali are a world traveled bunch and in our independent travels have each experienced guides citing examples of graffiti dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire.In our modern socially networked times, spray paint & marker pens have become the most commonly used graffiti base materials followed… continue reading here:

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By popular demand, here is my portfolio site.  My Behance site was a bit clunky and I was limited to their template and settings.  On this site, I will have full control.

I have so much material to add so be on the lookout for new updates in the coming weeks.  In the blog section, I will be posting things that inspire me and showcasing the talents of some of the people that I follow.

You can give me your feed in the comments below or via a personal message on the contact page.